December 2023

December 2023

As our thoughts (and wallets) turn toward the holidays, let this Christmas-y plant inspire and cheer you every time you look at your phone or computer. 

To use the images, right click on them and choose "save image as." You'll need to name them something that makes sense to you as you save them. Then they can be used to personalize your device's display.

If you have a PC and it only wants to save the image as a webp file, you can download it that way and use a free online converter (Google it) to turn it into a jpg file. 

Happy Holidays!

Link to full wallpaper vault.

Computer wallpaper without calendar

December 2023 Wallpaper


Computer wallpaper with calendar.

December 2023 computer wallpaper with calendar


Phone wallpaper

December 2023 phone wallpaper
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